The most beautiful and functional flood sensor ever made

FIBARO Flood Sensor futuristic design, compact size, and a wide variety of additional functions. FIBARO Flood Sensor is simply remarkable! This unique device can guard you and your familys safety. With its advanced technology and precision, the FIBARO Flood Sensor will alert you of a threatening flood, or a rapid temperature rise or drop. All while being maintenance-free without the need for professional installation.

In the beginning there was a drop of water...

Water is the most common substance in the world. It gives life, but it can also take it away. Water allows us to enjoy each day and sustained a great feeling of refreshment. The importance of this substance, covering 70% of the world, is so great it inspired us to pay her tribute. The design of the FIBARO Flood Sensor was inspired by the perfect water drop. Every single drop, just like the modules of our system, can exist individually or they can connect with one another, forming a coherent ecosystem. The shape of a water drop is perfect and flawless, therefore our sensors enclosure had to look the same. The Flood Sensor is made of high quality, white, glossy plastic and is perfect in every detail. Its design is extremely functional and the technology gives you endless possibilities.

Perfection in every detail

The FIBARO Flood Sensor is the most technologically advanced, most functional, yet amazingly aesthetic flood sensor available in the world today. Before design process started, FIBARO engineers tested most of the battery powered flood sensors offered. None of them met our expectations. That's why we started working on our own design, meeting high expectations of our customers. That's how the FIBARO Flood Sensor was born - a flood sensor equipped with new technology providing safety for you and your family. All of wich closed in a miniature, compact enclosure.

One sensor, plenty of possibilities

Our Flood Sensor is a totally uncompromised device. It can be battery or VDC powered, depending on the operating location. The Sensor will work on 12 or 24 VDC. Thanks to the output terminal, FIBARO Flood Sensor can be integrated with any alarm system as well. Input terminal allows for connecting an external contact probe for using the Flood Sensor in places with limited accessibility.

Hard wired Power or battery

You can power the Flood Sensor by 12/24 VDC or a battery which will last 2,5 years.

Alarm systems integration

The Sensor allows for integration with almost any available wired alarm system on the market.

Wired or wireless

Thick reinforced walls interrputing wireless communication? You can connect FIBARO Smoke Sensor to an alarm hub with a wire.

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Dual Tamper protection

Our flood sensor is beautiful, which makes it desirable to grab and take a closer look. We know and completely understand this. Any movement or relocation can stop the sensor from serving its role, thats why it will be detected thanks to the built-in motion detector. Any attempt to open it will be detected resulting in a report being sent to the main controller as well. Mind you, this is a very important device, bearing huge responsibility, monitoring our home and helping us react quickly.

Wherever needed

It's crucial to quickly detect potential threats of a breakdown. With the FIBARO Flood Sensor's compact size, various powering and alarm system communication possibilities, you are guaranteed to be the first one to know about a breakdown and flooding threat. The Sensor may be installed in hard-to-reach places. It can work in any location you need. Even if it cant be installed in the precise spot needed, you can always connect a wired probe to detect the leak in its best probable location.

*Wired probe is not included with the Flood Sensor.

Gold telescopic probes

FIBARO Flood Sensor is equipped with three ultra sensitive probes, plated with 24-karat gold. Sophisticated telescopic mechanism allows for placing the Sensor in any location, even on an uneven surface. Gold plating prevents the probes from corroding and provides the best precise liquid detection. All this allows you to respond quickly, before the breakdown outcome gets serious.

Opened enclosure alarm

For safety reasons, FIBARO Flood Sensor's enclosure is protected from being opened, turned off or destroyed. Detecting any tampering will result in household members being notified by SMS, Push or e-mail.

Safety first

Even before our washing machine and bathtub give us a small flood, various plumbing gives us some warnings, so we should keep a closer eye on them. Small leaks by the bathtub drain or a tiny puddle next to the washing machine drain, definitely should peak our interest. However what to do when the tub is already built in, and leaks are too small to be seen? Its better to be safe than sorry, and set up a FIBARO System. Flood Sensor is a perfect solution in any location that we might suspect a leak to occur, even if access to the location is very difficult. Such a place might be in a built-in bathtub by the drain, built-in washing machine or dishwasher. Install the FIBARO Flood Sensor in hard to reach areas and have peace of mind. If even the smallest leak will appear, you will get advanced warning on your smartphone and you'll be able to call an expert.

Difficult to submerge

The sensor is designed to work in the toughest conditions. It works properly at low or high temperatures, from -10?C* to 95?C*. It can handle any type of flood, whether it be fast or slow. The enclosure is waterproof, allowing for direct contact with the liquid and prevents submersion which would cause it to stop communicating. Only this type of sensor can guarantee your safety.

Rapid response

Flooding threat detected by the FIBARO Flood Sensor may result in FIBARO System automatically responding by closing water supply to prevent damage. It's enough to install a solenoid valve in your hydraulic system. The System will be able to operate it automatically via FIBARO Relay Switch connected to it. The FIBARO Flood Sensor in couple with a solenoid valve and a Relay Switch module, means a peace of mind for you, and safety for your home.

Underfloor heating

Floor heating is an amazing comfort for people and unfortunately a nightmare for the individual to control correctly. It is very difficult to determine the optimal temperature and turn off the heating at the right time to avoid uncomfortable temperatures. Thanks to the integrated temperature sensor, the FIBARO Flood Sensor will help you manage your floor heating. The FIBARO Home Center 2 will ensure that the temperature is ideal for your familys comfort, all while being as energy efficient as possible.

It will prevent icing

Because the FIBARO Flood Sensor has no problem handling the harshest conditions, You can easily use it in front of Your house to control the temperature of your driveway. If your driveway is sloped, even the smallest amount of ice can cause your car to skid when you are leaving your garage. Icing can cause a lot of unnecessary accidents. The FIBARO Flood Sensor was perfectly designed to work with warming mats to prevent even the smallest formation of ice around your house.

...and helps you detect a fire

Its not afraid of extreme temperatures. Any sudden temperature change will trigger an alarm in the control panel* and the household will be alerted about it immediately on their mobile device. Thankfully the FIBARO Flood sensor can help detect a fire in its early stages, especially if there are any unknown problems with your current fire detectors. The FIBARO Flood Sensor is the perfect additional level of support for your fire alarm system.

A Perfect Combination

Advanced device associations and extended scenes will allow Your Home Center 2 Control Panel to independently take appropriate steps immediately after detecting a risk of flooding or fire. Even after the smallest liquid detection near the washing machine, the Flood Sensor will send a signal to a Relay Switch which will cut off the solenoid water valve, and disconnect the washing machine which is connected to a FIBARO Wall Plug. In case of fire detection, a Relay Switch disconnects the solenoid gas valve, the control panel ensures lights that mark your escape route are illuminated, and the ventilation system runs at maximum level to get rid of the smoke. These are just some of the possibilities when you associate modules and devices in the FIBARO System.

Wireless Update

FIBARO Flood Sensor has been designed to get firmware updates automatically without any need for action taken from the individual user. Automatic software updates gives you convenience and piece of mind with the FIBARO System.

Built in range tester

For your safety and security, and to make sure the flood sensor is working properly, it has been equipped with a built-in Z-Wave network range tester. Communication in wireless Z-Wave mesh network lets you stay connected with the control panel over a long distance and through indirect connectivity, using other Z-wave modules. Built-in LED will allow you to easily check if the sensor has a good range and can communicate with the FIBARO System or requires a different location.

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